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Off-line Purchase Service
1. Select the product and contact us to place your order.
2. Confirm with us the payment method, price, shipping date and your order.
3. After the confirmation of your order, we will arrange the production and shipment within 4-8 weeks.
4. We contact and Paypal ID are as follows:
    Email address:zh@blossom-doll.com
    MSN: blossom-doll@hotmail.com
    Paypal ID : zh@blossom-doll.com
 How to purchase online: 
1. Go to our online store  www.blossom-doll.com and register the membershipSelect the product and quantity that you want to buy.
    You can purchase buy now or shopping cart and pay latter in the settlement center.
2. Enter properly your personal information and detailed mailing address. 
3. After the confirmation of your order, we will arrange the production and shipment 
    within 4-8 weeks.Select payment methods. 
4. After finishing your purchase, please contact us to confirm your order.